Chiesa de Carmine Indigeno Trebbiano 2020


Description and Tasting Notes

Trebbiano Spoletino is a rare Trebbiano that grows solely in the area around Spoletto in Umbria. It is quite distinct from the Trebbiano that grows through the rest of Umbria or Tuscany. 

The owners of Chiesa del Carmine are Jeremy and Jacqueline. When they discovered the estate Carmine it was an abandoned valley. They fell in love with this countryside and they believed in a more prosperous future for this estate. The sights were breathtaking and the surroundings were ideal for producing wine, quality olive oil and planting woods for truffles.

The wine is a pure expression of Indegno Trebbiano It has lovely aromatics og green apple and almond  followed by a minerality and crisp palette with a herbaceous note . 

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: Umbria
  • Type: White
  • Origin: Italy
  • Variatal: Trebbiano di Spoletino

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