Vigneti Massa Piccolo Derthona DOC 2019


Description and Tasting Notes

Timorasso was once grown as much as the Cortese grape in Piemonte but due to its difficult growing nature it became all but extinct with limited documentation of the grape in the 20th century It’s grown predominately in the Collio Toronese with the cru area between Monferrato and Oltrepo. Timorasso is capable of producing great wines with longevity. The wine is Reisling like with intense mineral and herbal aromas. 

Walter Massa has been acknowledged as the one man show who bought the grape back from oblivion.  His family estate dates back to 1879 and since the 1970’s he has changed and rebuilt the Collio Toronese territory and revitalized an undervalued native grape. 

The Piccolo Derthona is Vigneti Massa’s entry level artisanal wine. Its straw yellow in the glass with aromas of white flowers and citrus with a hint of the herbaceous notes to come. The palette has a medium, balanced mouthfeel with a pears and grapefruit, a savory mineral finish.  


  • Year: 2019
  • Region: Piemonte
  • Type: White
  • Origin: Italy
  • Variatal: Timorasso

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